The Heart of the Matter

Whether it feels like you've have hit a road-block or have come to an exciting crossroads, life is presenting you with the perfect circumstances for your evolution. Challenges and change are a natural part of life and can be viewed as opportunities for growth.

As you navigate an unexpected change, or work to create change in your life, I am here support and encourage you; to listen and help you attune to your inner knowing, values and to what truly brings you alive.

Psychosynthesis coaching is a powerful, transformative process, in which coach and client work together to meet the most deeply held values and goals that the client has. The Call of Self, that deep inner knowing that each person has access to, will define the work.

I am here to support you in creating greater meaning and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

Through our work together, you will be guided to align with what is most meaningful to you, identify goals, and take consistent action towards their manifestation. You will be supported when challenges arise and empowered to step through them.

There is deep beauty in this work and it is my intention to facilitate the creation of sacred space: an atmosphere of grounded presence and unconditional self-acceptance. Drawing on an array of techniques, sessions are both conversational and experiential in nature.

Heart of the Matter Coaching Sessions

Free Initial Consultation: 25 minutes

Sessions are held in Brattleboro, VT, by phone or online.

New coaching clients - please contact me below with your interest in working together and I will email you to schedule a session and send you a brief questionnaire. This initial consultation will help you gain clarity about current challenges; where you are and where you want to be.

I look forward to connecting!

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Emily has a sweet and gentle presence that simultaneously held space and allowed me to lead my own way.
— Maya, Portland, OR

Though life coaching facilitates personal growth, it is limited in scope and is not meant to be confused with, or to replace, counseling. Click here to learn about the difference between coaching and counseling.