Hear Your Own Voice


August 7th - 12th

Daily 20-30 minute teleseminar @ 7:15 a.m. EST

(short email & recording of the call sent the same day)


In the age of information it is easy to lose touch with our own voice.

It is a blessing to have access to so much information and communication with so many people and yet this needs to be balanced with quiet reflection and self-connection.

We each have wisdom within, a unique perspective and unique sense of self.

We need time and space to hear our own voice.

This mini retreat won't give you answers. Instead it will help you find your own questions and create the space in which your voice can be heard.


- Guided visualization

- Awareness and breathing practices

- Gentle movement

- Journal prompts

- And encouragement to find your own methods,

we'll explore:

- Listening to the voices of the body & emotions

- Listening to the mind without getting lost in it

- Experiencing silence

- Listening for the call of Self & the question(s) that is most important for us right now

- Hearing our voice as it is reflected by nature & the world around us

- Noticing intuition & synchronicity

- Reducing exposure to screens

- Getting good sleep, listening to dreams and the voice in the space between sleeping and waking

- And connecting with the inner living energy of some of the astrological archetypes


This offering is for you if:

- You are bringing something into being - a creative project, a business, a baby, a relationship...and find yourself overwhelmed by outside influences

- You feel disconnected from your voice in work or relationships

- You are in the midst of a transition, feel overwhelmed or lost on your path

- You feel stressed by an over-active mind

- You've been studying a lot and need to integrate what you have learned


- You are having trouble making decisions that feel authentic


- You want to take time for yourself and gain self-awareness

- You are willing to make small lifestyle changes

- You have a curious spirit and like to experiment


Your guide, Emily Samet

I am a board certified life coach (BCC) trained in psychosynthesis and evolutionary astrology, both psychologically, spiritually oriented methods of understanding human nature and supporting growth. Additionally, I am a yoga instructor and have a holistic background as an herbalist and nutritionist. My work focuses on self-care, heart-opening, embodiment, meeting challenges with courage and living soulfully.

I work with people who are experiencing a call to take the next expansive step in life, scary as that may be. I believe that we are all inherently whole and resourceful. My role is to be an ally and intuitive guide. I honor the beauty of personal and collective transformation by facilitating the creation of sacred space in sessions and groups: an atmosphere that supports grounded presence, mutual respect, and unconditional self-acceptance.

I know how good it feels to slow down and listen within. 

I look forward to holding space for you.

Exchange: $17