This work is the manifestation of years of training, personal healing and the sincere desire to support the well-being of others. It is my intention that this work serves your highest good, helping you create greater vitality and meaning in life.

Through times of transition, I am here to guide you to your own strength, help you soften around challenges, explore their significance, and move forward in alignment with your deepest desires and highest potential.

My training includes certificates in herbalism from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, as well as study in Ayurveda with Todd Caldecott. I value the foundational role of nutrition in health and have a masters degree in nutrition from the unique program at the University of Bridgeport.

I have been involved in an in-depth study of evolutionary astrology since 2011 and am a certified evolutionary astrologer through Mark Jones' Pluto School. Evolutionary astrology led me to the spiritually oriented psychology of psychosynthesis, and I am a certified psychosynthesis life coach and Board Certified Coach. In addition I have been teaching yoga since 2012.

Living close to the earth keeps me grounded and brings me joy. I live in the mountains of Vermont, where there is no shortage of natural beauty, healthy local food and uplifting community.