Welcome to Heartbreakthrough Coaching, Astrology & Wellness

This work is dedicated to helping you create a more compassionate relationship with yourself; leaning into the mystery of your true nature, and to helping you strengthen your vitality so that you can engage with life with an open heart: living, loving and growing to your fullest potential.

When the heart breaks, it opens a door to healing the soul.

It's no secret that many women struggle when a relationship ends. Not only do these separations uncover old, often unconscious wounds that impact our sense of self-worth, security, and belonging, but we live in a culture that is cut off from its spiritual roots and natural cycles, and is afraid of painful emotions.

Loneliness and fear that life won't be good again can make it hard to see that your deepest pain is actually the doorway to your most empowering growth.

Are you experiencing a recent breakup or still feeling the unresolved pain from a past relationship? Are you ready to mend your heart with intention, compassion and sacred self-care? 

It's my heart's calling to assist you on this journey of coming back home to a loving presence within; of coming home to yourself, with acceptance and trust.

No one said soul work was easy, but the rewards are life-changing.

Greeting your pain with presence will liberate energy that carries you forward with confidence and purpose. Learn how to soothe your heart in this time of upheaval and rise to a new level of vitality. Learn More Here!